Safety Precautions


Walvoorzieningen Nederland B.V. is committed to the safety of its custom-ers, subcontractors, employees and other people involved. The standards as described in NEN 3140 are taken into account. We kindly ask you to carefully read this safety instruction and all other relevant standards and guidelines before using the shore power box.

For the use of the shore facilities of Walvoorzieningen Nederland you must observe the following at least once.

 Make sure that you are familiar with the operation of the internet portal for the use of the shore facilities.

 The cable(s) you connect must be connected to the strain relief on the floor next to the shore power box before being connected.

 Make sure that the cables you connect to the shore power box are un-damaged and of the correct sizing.

 If you use one of the Powerlock connections, you should be familiar with the operation of these connections. If this is not the case, you can contact our service / breakdown service.

 When you make the Powerlock or CEE connection with the shore power box, there should be no load on your ship.

 Ensure that you have provided your ship with the correct protection (overcurrent, phase presence and sequence and overvoltage).

 If you are unsure about the operation of one of the connections or if a fault occurs, please contact our service / breakdown service

 Follow the instructions of the Walvoorzieningen Nederland staff at all times.

 Persons who work with shore power must be sufficiently competent.

 See also the local instructions on the instruction signs / stickers for more information about safety.

Shore power is an electrical installation with dangerous voltages.

The installation must be used with knowledge, skill and appropri-ate safety measures.